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About Me

Tears cascading down the face of a single mother whose only vehicle has given up its ghost. Atrocious crimes being wrung out over the earth by money-hungry clothing manufacturers. A brilliant fine artist prodigy on the road to divine potential resting untapped. What do these situations have in common?


My life is a book of these moments; these split seconds when compassion floods my veins and a zeal catches fire in my chest; these moments when I know between my flaming thoughts, that change for the better is possible. We are all born with talents; God-given gifts you might say, things that we easily and naturally can do better than most people we know

As a young boy raised by a strict German father and a fun loving American mother, I began to recognize my knack and drive for not only making things happen, but making them happen better. And faster. I craved knowledge and growth and became a fervent student of whatever struck my fancy. Leadership was the passion of my early twenties. By the time I was 22, I had listened to well over 100 leadership talks from the top leadership experts in our culture. Then came sales. Before I graduated college, I was a devoted sales professional and avid student of sales.

Recently, the great game of business has fascinated me and become my latest and greatest subject to master. As I grew I became an even more focused student; putting myself under the mentorship, education and influences of Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, and Tim Ferris. I’ve joined some of the highest masterminds, spent 1000s of hours per year studying various facets of business while still growing my current ventures and starting new ones.

I began a journey of learning that I am still on; and in the process discovered that my gifts lay in strategizing, encouragement, inspiration, and initiation, which I now utilize daily in coaching, managing my current businesses and designing new ventures. Oh, and I love architecting a concept and launching a new business. It’s a tantalizing addiction for me.

Business is a mighty weapon to wield. Its potential for profit has caused even the greatest of men to neglect it’s greater potential: goodness, the powerful potential to turn the world upside-down with missions of creativity, beauty, love and passion. This is why each of my business ventures is focused first on people and our planet, and then profit. Not the other way around.

“Business exists first to serve the world and make it a better place. Profit is secondary but necessary for sustainability.”

It is while loving and caring for our home planet and the people who inhabit it that we create a sustainable, self-sufficient system in which souls are cared for, bodies are nourished, spirits are enthused, businesses thrive and good over evil prevails.

The pace at which our world is changing amazes me and is the reason behind why I am purposely investing my time in the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists, humanitarians and scientists in developing socially-conscious business ventures, offering superb customer service, and helping their followers, clients, and customers to not only fall in love with their businesses, but also with their missions.

My mission is to lead by example; to encourage my fellow humankind in finding their purposes, living in a state of abundant generosity with boldness and joy, connecting to others with open hearts; embracing all of the opportunities life has given them with the wisdom of a king and the enthusiasm of a child.

Moments. We all have them. What will you do with yours?