Meet Mike:

For those who don’t know me, I’m Mike Zeller — a business architect who strategizes with entrepreneurs on:

Find Your Zone of Genius

Create an Irresistible Offer

Get Unstuck + Fuel Momentum

Mike Zeller is a man of many paradoxes.

It’s true that his businesses have done over $300 million in sales, and that he himself has founded or partnered in over 20 ventures with a heavy emphasis on social entrepreneurism. It’s also true that he studied under masters of the industry such as Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Jay Abraham and many others. And yes—he’s even mentored over 100 high-level entrepreneurs from four different continents.

As one client of his explains it, “Mike is the most famous entrepreneur you’ve never heard of.”
But while all of his accomplishments are impressive, they’re not the things that Mike most wants you to know about him.

Alignment, Fulfillment, Profit:


He also wants you to know his failures: how he lost nearly a million dollars in one year, how he ended up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from bad business decisions, how he reached his own version of a rock bottom and how he pulled himself out. He wants you to know that you can learn from his mistakes and use that in your life as powerful leverage.

Most importantly, Mike wants you to know that you have something very powerful inside you that was given on the day you were born. Some call it a gift, some call it a talent; still others—a dream. Maybe it’s been hiding for many years or maybe you’ve known about it for some time. Perhaps you’ve tried and tried again to use it to build a business, but without true success, or perhaps you’ve been hiding away from it for many years, while running on a hustler’s hamster wheel, keeping busy so you don’t have to think about it.

Mike’s incredible genius lies within his innate ability to help his clients pinpoint their deepest purposes, greatest gifts, and highest potential to serve and influence the world. Using his master practitioner skills of NLP and his highest-level business training, he then weaves an intricate tapestry—showing exactly how to build a sustainable, highly-successful business, while removing unconscious emotional blocks and wounds that sabotage progress. To tie this delicate process together, he shows his clients how to find lasting fulfillment by staying in touch with their hearts and living lives of deep impact, high gratitude and lasting connection.

How I Can Help You:


Because, true to his paradoxes, Mike believes that you can be successful and good. Wealthy and kind. Powerful and of service to humanity.

Besides his wife and family, whom he adores, everything else that makes up Mike’s life is important, too, but peripheral: how he’s a bonafide globetrotter, how he loves health and fitness, how a well-made old-fashioned is his cat’s meow, and the fascinating fact that he reads nearly a hundred books a year.

The most amazing thing about Mike Zeller’s skillset is how powerfully it can impact yours. If you have a dream, a business, a talent or a calling, but you’re stuck in some way—growth, strategy, limiting beliefs, etc.—there is no better man on planet earth to get you completely, 100% unstuck. You might even say that he could be the Obi Wan Kenobi to your Luke Skywalker.
And the best part? It doesn’t have to take a year. For you, it could be just one powerful session.