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The Mastermind for the Succesful Expert

The best way to gain a family committed to your growth and greatest potential, while learning from some of the world’s most powerful and accomplished entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, thought leaders, and innovators.

The Mastermind for the Succesful Expert

The Founders Mastery for E-Commerce Founders Co-hosted with Colin Wayne, Founder of Redline Steel, a $50 million dollar E-Commerce company


Within a session Mike can rapidly and easily release limiting beliefs, patterns that sabotage you, by helping reclaim your power using advanced NLP techniques and Mike’s own unique Power and Freedom Integration process

Ready to Design the Business and Life of Your Dreams?

My name is Mike Zeller and I’m a business architect. Before that, though, I wondered the same things you’re wondering. For years, I lived out of sync with my businesses, operating outside of my genius. I was frustrated, exhausted, drained.

Symposia Mastermind

Symposia Mastermind is a select group of elite entrepreneurs from several different countries who come together as a community to learn from some of today’s top leaders, speakers and creators. Our retreats and community are for those who want to experience massive breakthroughs in their businesses and lives. We meet in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. These have included Malibu, New York City and San Francisco. Teaching, creating inspiration, challenging each other and developing connections that are sure to last a lifetime is what we are all about.

“It’s been invaluable to work with Mike directly with his experience and the nature of which he will approach you in a loving, kind way, but also in a challenging way to hold you up. It’s been unreal”

-Brian DeCosta, DeCosta Transformations

Founders Mastery Mastermind

Is your money creating the kind of wealth and impact you want it to? Whether you’re a young entrepreneur who is looking to be advised on investments and assets, or someone who’s been in the game for awhile, but wants to learn more about creating a better money plan, this retreat is for you. We’re putting the secrets to all things money in your hands with this fun, yet informative retreat.